Domaine des Anges – Ventoux – 6 Bottles Mixed Box




Domaine des Anges is a small hillside estate, with history linking it to Roman Legions and the Saracens, looking out over a large valley towards Mont Ventoux. Kilkenny man Gay McGuinness is the owner of this 18 hectares vineyard since 1989 and has established it among the best estates of the Ventoux appelation.
Long hot summers, cool nights and limestone and loam have created a unique terroir which, with the skill, experience and care of winemaker Florent Chave, fosters award winning wines infused with Gallic passion and Gaelic joie de vie.

We have put together a mixed case of the stapple wines of the estate in all colour for you to discover and appreciate the best of this southern Rhone beautiful estate.

1 Bottle of Ventoux White 2017

1 Bottle of IGP Vaucluse Cherubin 100% Viognier 2016

1 Bottle of Ventoux Rosé 2017

1 Bottle of Ventoux Red 2018

1 Bottle of Ventoux Archange 2016

1 Bottle of IGP Vaucluse Cabernet Sauvignon 2017


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